Sunday 17 May 2009

Free Download - Quaker Anti-Slavery Motif

I had a request last week for a slavery motif and so here is the download for you. The motif which is a composite from many sources can be placed on a sampler or used as a knitted pinball such as those in Erica Uten's wonderful Tokens of Love. I have sometimes heard the defence that the people reponsible for kidnapping and selling the slaves in Africa were of the same race, as if this somehow makes everything understandable. Does it make it understandable that in the British Isles, British religious dissidents were sent as slaves to the plantations in the West Indies? That British women having committed minor misdemeanours were shipped by the British into forced prostitution in Australia? That today there is widespread human kidnap and trafficking, particularly of young women, again forced into prostitution by people so close to them, they take them to be friends? Please don't let them be sent into that dark night nameless and forgotten.

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