Wednesday 27 May 2009

Mary Pets 1831 Sampler from The St Frances School and Orphan Asylum for Colored Girls

Barbara Hutson of Queenstown Sampler Designs is the source of this remarkable story of a community of nuns of African descent who until now have funded schools and convent with the income from their fine needlework. The Oblate Sisters of Providence was founded in 1829 by Mother Mary Lange who you see here. For the past 179 their ministry has been amongst the underprivileged African American communities in inner cities and the Caribbean. They have a collection of needlework that needs conservation and to this end, Barbara Hutson has made for sale a replica kit of one of the samplers. This is the sampler you see here which was stitched by Mary Pets in 1831.

And the inspiration does not stop there - it continues to flourish in Otter Creek Middle School, Terre Haute, where 8 students have formed a sampler guild, and after obtaining permission from the head archivist of the Oblate Sisters of Providence, have begun charting and reproducing samplers. This is such a wonderful tale to pass on to all the stitchers you know, isn't it? Click on all the highlighted sections to get the details first hand from the various sources as they unfold.

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  1. Jacqueline this is fascinating news about the students in Indiana repro-ing one of the Oblate Sisters samplers. I will be anxious to support their effort by purchasing the chart or kit in the future. Thanks for providing that wonderful piece of news. I was fortunate enough to see some of these wonderful samplers such as Mary Pets in person a couple of years ago at the fabulous Maryland Historical Society sampler exhibit and hear Dr Allen's wonderful lecture on the Oblate Sisters at that seminar. The Maryland Sampler book (can't remember the exact name) is a must have for the sampler enthusiast - it is a great resource and has quite a bit of info on the Oblate Sisters if anyone is interested. Thanks again for all your wonderful info - I can hardly wait to see your newest post - it is truly a bright spot in my day - Thanks Melody