Monday 30 January 2017


Only 1 day to go before Needleprint closes. I just want to take a moment together to remember all the astonishing projects you, yes you, inspired. There was no way I could ever have begun this journey without your support and many kindnesses. Let's remember that amazing, world-wide Mary Wigham Stitchalong, the books and charts you bought which raised money for sampler conservation at Ackworth School, the 2 world-wide gatherings at Ackworth School in 2006 and 2008, the encouragement to keep going which resulted in the full colour complete catalogue of The Goodhart Samplers, The Judith Hayle Samplers - and as a final hurrah the magnificent and unsurpassed Feller Collection - the precious early works now gifted to the Ashmolean Museum for all to visit.

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