Thursday, 19 March 2015

SOLD 1914-1915 Journal of Manchester Municipal School of Technology Textile Society * £16 €40 $72 Shipping Included

Over 100 years' old, this full sized softback journal of over 100 pages is, apart from its cover, in very good condition.
The style of the time is still reflecting the Arts & Crafts movement though this is definitely a journal of technology from the commencement of the First World War.
There is always a poignancy in hindsight, since one of the articles talks optimistically about plans for after the war (they thought then it would be a short war.... ) without ever imagining for one moment that millions of workers would be killed by the war and the Spanish flu pandemic that followed in its train.
There is actually one colour page in the journal showing designs for printed cotton.
The several articles are very interesting documents and are good reads with many facts I hadn't come across before.
The article on the cotton print is particular fascinating, postulating that early print designs were from Persia.
Here you can see some other articles looking at the Labour Problem - they had no inkling of the millions that would be killed in the war and the enormous challenges that would pose for labour in the industry - that was still all the future...
There are about 60 pages of articles - but equally of interest are the wonderful graphic advertisements at the beginning and end of the journal
yes, I really love bobbins and spindles and all the pictures of the mills now long gone.... aah.

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