Monday 17 November 2014

SOLD The Tudor Child * £28 €42 $100 (New Zealand and Australia $110) Including Shipping

This is a superb resource for anyone interested in Tudor costume and its construction.
It is 160 pages of extremely informative text, illustrations, diagrams of techniques and patterns for making your own costumes.
The book is in mint condition and you can see some of the wonderful source material here.
Interesting to see that gloves on ribbons around necks wasn't all to do with me and my capacity for forever losing them! And that it wasn't just the girls who wore the skirts... spot the lads!
I have probably gone a bit overboard in showing the source images - simply because they are so fabulous, and the research is exceptional.
The embroidery on this boy's costume is just lovely...
Here you can see the start of one of the projects which includes not only patterns and making up instructions, but diagrams of stitch techniques.
There are 7 patterns for full costumes ...
plus many patterns for accessories such as ruffs, hoods, bonnets, aprons etc

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