Monday 20 October 2014

SOLD 3 Christmas Sampler Charts * Prairie Schooler Set 2 * £10 €15 $27 Shipping Included

More good cheer from The Prairie Schooler. You can stitch the 12 Days of Christmas as a special festive sampler - or make tree ornaments of the individual days - or - here's another idea for you - how about making a special advent calendar using these designs as pockets - a bit more special than the long run of 25. (How many sleeps till Christmas? - How many is that? - That's foreveeeeer!)
On that subject - I must tell you a story. When my niece was young she would get so excited about events that one year her parents decided they would not tell her it was Christmas until Christmas morning. Every year this story gets told rather like the Threee Wise Men and every year I hope that one year (hopefully within my lifetime) her parents will receive official forgivenance.

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