Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Tilleke Schwartz - Spot Samplers For the 21st Century

Serendipity strikes again! I came across Tilleke's work by accident when looking for unusual web-site designs. You really must visit her web as it has the most fantastical quirky design and had me, literally, in stitches. Click here to visit after you have noticed the black vase of flowers lower left and the black honeysuckle top right.

Although Tilleke might not see the resemblance to 17th century spot samplers in her work - I think there is definitely a link with their apparently random juxtaposition of images and memes.

Those of us who are very used to formally placed samplers might feel a little unsettled by a seemingly shocking chaos of stitches and objects strewn in this way across a cloth. But as you notice the black angels and Dutch boat at the top of the work below, it might be that you are experiencing something felt by those unaccustomed to looking at early samplers when they first saw them.

Wave hello to the mermaid and angels in this piece below, won't you?

1 comment:

  1. These designs are very striking, and full of imaginative choices of stitches and color and use of negative space. My eye finds them to be very graceful.

    Thank you for the introduction. Best wishes.