Sunday, 5 April 2009

Replica Sampler or Counterfeit Sampler?

Is the stitching of replica samplers an intention to deceive? This is an important issue which has been around for a number of years and was tabled for discussion at Ackworth2008. The concerns expressed were that replica samplers would distort and complicate the market for samplers in the future and, perhaps more seriously, distort the historical record - particularly in the case where an 'historic sampler' was credited with the name of a real person in the past who may or may not have stitched a sampler of her own. I am fortunate to the extent that I sometimes spend up to a day forensically examining a single sampler in very close-up detail. Since the object of this blog is to share with you what my eyes see, then click here to see what I see when I look at an Ackworth sampler. (Remember to click on the Loupe button.) Then take a magnifying glass and examine the work you are stitching at the moment and tell me what differences you can see.

This is an important topic and since I am dashing to leave this morning, I shall come back to it as a fuller article for download in a week's time.

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