Sunday 31 March 2013

A Happy Hopeful Easter * Easter Decorations For Your Bicycle & Horse!

It used to be the case that we had to wait for May Day to decorate our bicycles - but do you know what? - It has been such a long grey, miserable winter that I definitely think it is time to spring some spring-like bunting right this minute! I saw this wonderful bicycle outside a shop on a recent freezing cold day in Cockermouth - just the day before the 14 foot snow drifts - and in a town which has come close to ruin recently on account of appalling floods - and fell upon its hopeful colour and delight with as much gladness as Wordsworth must have felt upon seeing his golden daffodils. It strikes me that the simplest, home-made gestures have the power to change - to bring a smile to a stranger's face - to renew hope where hope might be lacking and to bring comfort in the cold. I hope your hope finds its own spring of renewal today. Just this week I saw these incredible textile horses by Nick Cave at Grand Central Station. What does your horse look like?


  1. Oh my goodness! That is fabulous!

  2. That is so gorgeous! I've not been to Cockermouth in years